The Mayor, Joan Antoni Baron, the President of PUMSA, Ramon Bassas, and the President of the TecnoCampus Foundation, Alícia Romero, inaugurated yesterday afternoon the new sculpture that will preside over the Plaza del TecnoCampus Mataro-Maresme, the work of the Mataro sculptor Perecoll.

“Beginning of flight” is the name of the sculpture commissioned by the municipal company Promociones Urbanísticas de Mataró, SA (PUMSA) to the Mataro sculptor Perecoll and which has been placed in the Plaça del TecnoCampus, just in the entrance to the park.

"Beginning of flight" is a bronze sculpture with a black patina, measuring 2,5 meters high by 2 meters long and symbolizing a bird in flight.

The sculpture, placed directly on the surface of the earth, is a large-scale reproduction of the image that was conceived to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Maresme University School (EUM). His reproductions have been used for prizes and awards and his background note of all the material published by the University School.

The sculpture belongs to the series Birds of Mataró Perecoll and there is a representation at the headquarters of Caixa Catalunya and another in Miami. 

"Flight start" represents the beginning of a project, the lifting of the flight that a person must make at the end of his studies.

The artist
Perecoll, born in Mataró in 1948, is one of the artists with the most international background in Mataró. He has exhibited works in New York, Miami, Tokyo, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Geneva and London, among other cities around the world. In Mataró, his imprint can be seen in various public sculptures such as the Sant Sebastià, the Ocellot, the Àngel or the monument to Intolerance.



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