The Ministry of Science and Innovation, within the framework of the “State R & D & I Program Oriented to the Challenges of Society” has favorably resolved the funding of three projects presented and led by TecnoCampus research groups.

The grants awarded by this call are aimed at encouraging the generation and significant advancement of scientific knowledge and research of proven quality, as well as advancing towards the search for solutions to the challenges of society. Under this general premise, the call provides for the financing of projects in two ways; “Generación de conocimiento”, for projects without thematic orientation previously defined that have as primary objective the advance of the knowledge; and “Retos Investigación”, which includes projects aimed at solving problems linked to society's eight major challenges that are included in the State Research Plan.

It is in this context that the project “Housing Prices: Gender Differences in Mortgage Decisions and Measuring the Impact of the Collaborative Economy and Crime (IMPACTHPrice)”, led by Professor Josep Maria Raya, and presenting under the modality of “Research Challenges” has received funding to be executed over the next three years. The aim of this project is to measure, through house prices, the impact of various current phenomena: the collaborative economy and crime. Price is also considered a key element in measuring gender differences in financial behavior related to housing. Additionally, the effect of the pandemic on these impacts will also be studied. 

In this same modality, the project led by the teacher has also received funding Marcos Faundez Zanuy “Advanced Online Writing Preprocessing Techniques for Device Interoperability (TAPEO-ID)”. The research, development and application of techniques to improve interoperability between different devices for acquiring handwritten signals online, is the scientific goal of this research. Online acquisition refers to the simultaneous digitization while the user performs the writing, becoming this the modern alternative to the classic systems where the user performs the writing and subsequently digitizes.  

On the other hand, within the modality of “Generation of Knowledge”, funding has been granted for the project “Myth and ideology in contemporary video games (LUDOMYTHOLOGIES)”, in which the professors are the main researchers. Antonio José Planells de la Maza i Víctor Navarro Remesal. During the four years that the project will be developed, the aim is to analyze the presence and importance of myths in the video game from a double perspective: as an update of a transcendent cultural heritage, composed of classic myths that are reinterpreted in a playful way, and as a mythical fabric made up of playful rituals and common resources. The project aims to show the validity of myths, even in the most contemporary forms of culture, and the constant creation of new mythical structures to give meaning to the world. 

With the financing and execution of these projects, the participation of the TecnoCampus research groups in calls is consolidated that promote, in addition to their own scientific objectives, the creation of a critical mass necessary to face the challenges faced by the research and society in general. In this sense, the multi and interdisciplinary nature of the research that is promoted from these programs as well as the promotion of the association and coordination of research teams, represent a stimulus for the achievement of more ambitious projects by the researchers.  


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