Minoryx Therapeutics, a biotechnology company based in TecnoCampus that develops treatments for minority or rare diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS), has announced that it has secured 51 million euros of investment in a new capital increase (Series C) and complementary bank debts.

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Minoryx will use the funds to fund the Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) and prepare for the launch of leriglitazone for adult male patients with adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN), the most common phenotype of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD). ), in the European Union.

The company will also finance the necessary activities to be able to proceed with the approval of leriglitazone in the United States for the same indication. Minoryx is currently in talks with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to define the steps required for approval in the United States. Finally, funding will also be used to monitor the development of leriglitazone in pediatric patients with cerebral ALD (cALD), as well as the extension of treatment for women affected by X-ALD.

The round is co-led by Columbus Venture Partners and Caixa Capital Risc. Damià Tormo, representing Columbus Venture Partners, joins the Minoryx Board of Directors. The CDTI, through its Innvierte program, has also joined the Series C round together with existing Series B investors, led by Fund + and its Belgian public co-investors, and Series A investors, led by Ysios Capital. X-ALD is a minority or rare inherited neurodegenerative disease. The most common form is chronic and very debilitating AMN, which affects both men and women in adulthood. There is currently no approved treatment for patients with AMN. In male patients, both pediatric and adult, X-ALD can also manifest in its acute cerebral form (cALD), which causes a minoryx.com aggressive brain inflammation leading to permanent disability and eventually death in 2-4 years. The overall incidence of X-ALD is approximately 6,2 / 100.000 babies.

The drug leriglitazone from Minoryx, is a new PPARγ agonist that reaches the brain and has been shown to be of significant benefit in the ADVANCE Phase II / III clinical trial in adult male patients with AMN. In this study, leriglitazone reduced the progression of brain damage and myelopathy symptoms. These data also support the ongoing NEXUS study, an open-label Phase II / III trial evaluating leriglitazone in pediatric patients with early-stage cALD. "Minoryx Series C Investment Round will allow us to move forward at full speed toward the approval and commercialization of leriglitazone for X-ALD, a very serious minority disease for which there is a great need for medical care. covered, "said Marc Martinell, CEO of Minoryx.

"It will also allow Minoryx to advance the studies needed for drug approval in the United States and investigate its benefits in other populations of patients with X-ALD," adds Martinell. “We are impressed with the clinical data that show the potential of leriglitazone for the treatment of both AMN and cALD. We want to support the development of what could be the first approved treatment for the most prevalent form of X-ALD, ”says Damià Tormo, managing partner of Columbus Venture Partners. "We believe that leriglitazone can have a very positive impact on patients with such a devastating disease and their families. We are pleased to continue to support the Minoryx team in the development process and efforts to prepare for commercialization, ”said Pablo Cironi, Director of Life Capital Investment Fund at Caixa Capital Risc. Leriglitazone has received FDA and EMA orphan drug status and the FDA's designation of rare and fast-acting pediatric disease for the treatment of X-ALD.


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