Day: Wednesday, December 15 at 10 a.m.
Venue: TCM Convention Center

In this last day of the year we want to analyze a sector that is growing more and more and shows more innovations. The E-Learning sector still has a long way to go, and is adapting to the needs of companies and users with new technologies and new forms of communication. 

In this day we have different experts in the field who will talk to us about the news that are being prepared in this sector:

10: 00h Accreditations

10:15 Welcome by Mr. Joan Majó and Mr. Ramon Safont-Tria

10:30 am Effective learning, Mr. Albert Calvet of CV&A Consulting

Effective Learning is an approximation of what happens to the brain from the neurological sciences. It is a vision that seeks explanations based on facts, and even projecting interpretations and proposing working procedures from all this.

10:50 am Vision and Experience of the UPC School, Mrs. Valeria Pleszowski, UPC Tech Talent Center Program Design Unit. 

Vision of the UPC School: E-Learning panorama of lifelong learning: context, tools, challenges and trends. Experience with audiovisual tools in UPC School courses.

11:10 Coffee Break

11:30 am UOC experience, Mr. Josep Rivera, Office of Learning Technologies UOC

The conference will focus on the UOC's educational model, based on the interaction between students and teachers via the Internet, as well as the particular use of video on this platform.

11:50 The project Sclipo, Sr. Gregor Gimmy, creator of Sclipo: How New Internet Technologies Revolutionize E-Learning.

Gregor Gimmy, founder and creator of Sclipo - a next-generation LMS - will present the potential of new Internet technologies to revolutionize E-Learning by answering 3 challenges:

- Democratization of E-Learning tools

- Improve the quality of E-Learning content

- Enabling "social learning"

12:10 Round of questions

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