The International Week (IW 15) was held between 21 and 2022 May at the University of Angers (Pays de la Loire-France), with the participation of a total of 40 professors, including Jaume Teodoro, professor of the Polytechnic School of the TecnoCampus. The IW 2022 is an event convened annually by this institution and aims to bring university students into contact with professors from all over the world, both from the French-speaking world (Canada-Quebec, the Maghreb, Lebanon. ..) as European professors in the field of the Erasmus + program.

Participation also allows you to get in touch with professors from other universities and at the same time learn about different methods of learning and organizing teaching. The participation of the TecnoCampus has been made in one of the centers of this University, the IUT Angers (Technological University Institute), which this year has been recognized by the French State as the 1st of the national ranking of IUTs. IUT is a professional university center, or applied sciences, similar to the TecnoCampus, with facilities for entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer. The IUT of the Unv. of Angers has about 4.000 undergraduate students (out of a total of 21.000 from all over the University) and teaches in degrees in Business Management, Admin Management. Public, Marketing and Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Org. Industrial and Computer Science. The IUT of the Univ. d'Angers has Erasmus exchange programs and exchanges with French-speaking countries that mobilize about 1.200 students each year. It also has a Spanish language department with three teachers dedicated to training in this language as an optional subject in all grades.

Jaume Teodoro taught a 10-hour course in English, from Monday to Friday to 1st year undergraduate students based on a practical workshop on entrepreneurship and innovation. The workshop included practices with tools to identify opportunities, innovate and creativity techniques to turn opportunities into business concepts. TecnoCampus teacher mobility is an opportunity for teachers who want to get to know other environments and is promoted through the Erasmus + PDI program, which provides financial support to cover the costs of the stay. In this way, every year it seeks to promote this activity in the field of international relations.


TecnoCampus teachers take part in the II International Congress of Physiotherapy


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