On behalf of the TecnoCampus, Anahí Moyano, head of University Entrepreneurship, and the five members of the On Rails startup.

El Start for Future program) organized on November 23 and 24 the first Co-Creation Summit, at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Germany). The event brought together students, startups, universities, incubators, companies and local and regional governments, to generate co-creation opportunities and connect European innovation ecosystems. The activity had the participation of Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, who delved into the New Innovation Agenda for Europe. Likewise, large corporations such as Bosch and Siemens, innovation hubs and other prominent actors were present.

On behalf of the TecnoCampus, Anahí Moyano, head of University Entrepreneurship, and the five members of the On Rails startup, with the White Jacket solution: Aitor Garcia, Albert Loma, Eric Fradera and Jan Cano, students of the double degree in Computer Science and Video Games at the TecnoCampus, and Xavier Torino, alumni of Administration and Business Management at Pompeu Fabra University. On Rails, recent winner of the Creative University Award, is currently co-incubated by TecnoCampus (incubator and Reimagine Textile program) and the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Germany. White Jacket is an innovative technological solution in the form of a wearable for blind or severely visually impaired people.

During the event, they presented their pitch in the event's main forum and had a booth that allowed them to show off the vest prototype and meet with investors, suppliers, corporations and other startups, as well as participate in workshops and a one-on-one coaching session with the University of Ghent (Belgium).

About the experience they had, Aitor Garcia comments: "Enjoying this international vision completely changed the way we approached and sized our project; it allowed us to expand our horizons and our scope." Anahí Moyano indicated that TecnoCampus is currently incubating five startups that are part of the Start for Future Program: the local On Rails, Cänma and Operantmerge, in addition to Polymer 01, from Bulgaria, and RongoDesign, from Romania, which was also present at the event and was a finalist in the Strascheg Awards. For Moyano, "belonging to this European alliance allows us to internationalize our teams and bring them closer to markets of interest. In addition, it positions us as a reference incubation center thanks to the aggregate value of our verticals, the services of softlanding that we offer and TecnoCampus' firm commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation".

Start for Future brings together more than 30 universities and allied entities and with the Summit has begun the path to becoming a European Cooperative Society. The Summit was organized by Start for Future Alliance together with EIT HEI Initiative and EIT Urban Mobility.

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