The high-performance entrepreneurship program, aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups with a textile project that bets on innovation, digitalization, sustainability or circularity as a differential competitive element, begins a new edition that will start on the 8 june

The TecnoCampus with the collaboration of the Eurecat Technology Center, opens call for nominations for the sixth edition of the Reimagine Textile high performance and support program for entrepreneurs. The Reimagine Textile High Performance Program is aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups of up to 5 years of life in the textile sector who are committed to innovation, sustainability or circularity as a competitive advantage in their business model.

Smart, functional and sustainable fabrics, eco design, wearables, the use of new materials or the same transformation of waste to give it a new life, the textile circular economy, the improvement of processes through the digital technology, IoT, BigData, Blockchain, 3D printing; are some of the elements that are understood as innovation applied to the textile sector. The program consists of two phases. In the first, there are 15 previously selected projects that will hold group knowledge transfer sessions and will be accompanied by individualized mentoring in a triple helix: strategy, operations and technology.

In the second phase, five of these projects will be advised individually for the launch of their product on the market. In addition, this Reimagine Textile innovation program provides entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies in the sector with an incubation space, a textile manufacturing and prototyping laboratory and a fully equipped photo set. The application period will be open until May 15, 2023. For more information on how to participate, sign up for the InfoDays on March 22 and April 13. Check out the website


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