The project is articulated as a pilot test for the implementation of a network of railway innovation antennas in Spain

The president of Renfe, Isaiah Tables, the mayor of Mataró, David Bote and the general manager of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, have signed a collaboration agreement to launch the TrenLab antenna in Catalonia, which will be located in the facilities of the TecnoCampus in Mataró. The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Rachel Sanchez, presented the project today.

Renfe, Mataró City Council and TecnoCampus are collaborating in this initiative to develop railway innovation solutions and projects together with members of the innovative ecosystem (startups), within the TecnoCampus facilities, to take advantage and enhance business, teaching and methodological resources, in order to establish the first node of the TrenLab Antenna network. The space where the activity will take place will be enabled throughout 2022 in a room of 400m2 located in one of the buildings of the technology park.

The project is articulated as one pilot test that will allow Renfe the possibility of developing a long-term strategy to be implemented throughout the territory, through a network of antennas specialized in solutions and technology applied to the sector. The specific location in the technology park of Mataró, added to the close railway link of the city, turns this initiative into an opportunity of collaboration to develop new projects of impulse for the innovation.

The establishment of theTrenLab antenna within the TecnoCampus surroundingss will allow Renfe to create an open innovation ecosystem focused on entrepreneurship in technologies applied to mobility, transporte and logistics. The activities that will be developed will be:

  • Entrepreneurship support in the strategic and business field of Renfe.
  • Monitoring of technology in Renfe's areas of business interest.
  • Location of a TrenLab acceleration hub with coworking space for members of the program's innovative ecosystem and Renfe's innovation team.
  • Integration of the TrenLab Antenna within the program of incubation and acceleration activities, training and awareness of TecnoCampus.
  • Design mentoring, training and acceleration programs. • Facilitate the ability to develop projects in collaboration with university centers and research groups.
  • Offer access to laboratories, incubators or innovation centers.

    The Mataró City Council will take part in promoting the integration of citizens in this initiative, with the possibility of creating living labs that engage the public with the solutions obtained and will facilitate the development of urban tests in the municipality that favor the implementation of the mobility solutions created.

    This is the first of a series of initiatives that aim to extend the success of TrenLab to more areas of the territory in order to bring Renfe's benefits and support closer to this environment. Since 2018, Renfe has been leading the TrenLab program, for the acceleration of start-ups The Spanish railway sector aims to promote open innovation for the improvement of mobility solutions, based on the need to find innovative and agile solutions to the new challenges. Since its inception, TrenLab has had the interest of more than 900 startups, and has already accelerated twelve startups, which together have received in rounds of funding a sum of more than 16,5 million euros and have generated 121 jobs work, in addition to developing two pilot projects with Renfe.
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