An investment forum was held on 8 June in which seven start-ups from the TecnoCampus ecosystem were presented to the investment community.

The event was hosted by Josep Lluis Checa, General Manager of TecnoCampus. The event was led by Claudia Danesi, Director of Transfer, Innovation and Business.

The startups presented their projects to the audience of entrepreneurs in a format of a XNUMX-minute pitch and then a round of questions was opened by investors

At the end of the presentations, a networking space with refreshments was set up so that entrepreneurs could show their products and interact with investors.

The participating startups were:

  • Let's Cook, distribute weekly Healthy Meal Kits that include recipes and fresh, fresh local ingredients. They were set up in 2019 and in 2021 they invoiced more than 315.000 euros and currently distribute 300 kits per week.
  • Evix, develop an airbag for helmets for cyclists to prevent head and neck injuries. They currently have the third version of the prototype and expect to have the technology developed by the end of 2022. They have raised a first round of 220.000 euros and have obtained a NEOTEC for 300.000 euros
  • Newx, has created ecoprene, canyoning clothing, produced with sustainable materials. 100% specialised product, created by and for canyoners. They sold the first 50 catches with a crowdfunding campaign. They currently have an open round of financing of 100.000 euros and have already committed 30%.
  • winhost, a home sharing and tourist rental platform that offers a comprehensive management service for owners. By 2022, they already have reservations worth €600.000  €.
  • WiPass, a device for establishments that allows to optimize communication and loyalty with its customers more than 700 active devices in spaces such as Carrefour, Vicio, Imagin Café, tripling the monthly growth during 2022.
  • Sweanty, a spin-off of the CSIC that arises to bring to market and commercially exploit a technology developed at the Institut de Microelectrònica de Barcelona. This is a smart patch that allows you to monitor the athlete's physical activity to avoid the risk of dehydration.
  • Apt, an ethical and sustainable platform that offers a quality home delivery service. It started in the city of Mataró during the pandemic and they have developed a technology ready to be scalable by expanding territory.


The TecnoCampus, present at the Denver Higher Education Fair # nafsa22


Innovation conference "Digital and sustainable transition of the textile and fashion value chain in Catalonia"