The Red Bank, located in the TecnoCampus square, represents a campaign to raise awareness of gender-based violence and femicide.

The Red Bank is a cultural and peaceful prevention, information and awareness project against gender violence and femicide. Its aim is to make people who see it think, a kind of wake-up call to continue talking about it every day of the year, not just on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women , and March 8, International Women's Day.

It is part of an awareness campaign against the abuse of women that was born in 2016 in Italy on the initiative of the activist Tina Magenta. The installation of this bench in the TecnoCampus means a gesture of denunciation against the constant violence that women receive everywhere, and wants to highlight the attention that all victims deserve, as well as make a call of protest against a social plague that does not stop He has been placed in multiple institutions, not only universities.

In Catalonia, the UB and the UPF have placed several red banks. The UPF has placed one on each campus. The color red is associated with the first women's demonstration against femicide that took place in 2012 in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico). On that occasion, the demonstrators exhibited red shoes to symbolize the victims of gender violence. This campaign has had a great impact especially in Italy and Argentina, but also in Mexico, Austria, Australia, Ecuador, etc. The bench bears the phrase "When I go out into the street I don't want to be brave, I want to be free", which was chosen from among several proposals by the members of the TecnoCampus Equality Commission.

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