TecnoGirl is a project whose main objective is the dissemination of science and technology among secondary school students, especially in the group of girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

The Management of Library Services and the Center for Cultural Studies and Resources of the Provincial Government promoted the creation of a "Bank of Good practices for cultural projects" whose objective is to place culture as a vehicular element for local transformation giving visibility, promoting and stimulating replicas of cultural projects in order to take on the challenges of the future marked by the 2030 Agenda.

In this context, the Diputació de Barcelona has selected as a model of good practice the TecnoGirl project led by TecnoCampus with the help of professor Marco Antonio Rodríguez together with the Maresme libraries. TecnoGirl has the support of the Mataró City Council and has obtained funding from the Provincial Council of Barcelona as part of the call for subsidies from the Bibliolab program in the two editions that have been carried out.

TecnoGirl is a project whose main objective is the dissemination of science and technology among high school students, especially among girls between the ages of 12 and 18. To achieve this goal, several activities are developed, such as a traveling exhibition of women scientists, technology, science and art workshops and a hackathon (Hackgirl), where a challenge is proposed and the participants are organized into teams in order to solve it .

Specifically, the project is developed in three lines of action: firstly, it wants to make young women, educators and families aware that STEM is also "girls' business" through an exercise in deconstructing gender roles; secondly, it aims to improve the self-efficacy perception of female students within technological and scientific fields; and finally, it wants to promote the meaning and humanistic and social connection with technology by promoting the transformation of society through STEM. 

STEM is the acronym used in English for science (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering) and mathematics (Mathematics).


Closing of the I-BOX project in the Finnish city of Turku


Participation of TecnoCampus students in an international meeting of the Start for Future Program