The University-Industry Audiovisual Pitching, an initiative of the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia, has selected seven projects for the Degree in Audiovisual Media and the Degree in Video Game Design and Production, degrees that are taught at the TecnoCampus.

The initiative will take place within the Audiovisual Talent Week and its main activity is the presentation of projects of the students in front of the producers of the industry. The presentation format is pitching, which consists of a 7-minute presentation by the projects, and 7 minutes of questions and comments from the producers to the authors. The sessions are held in front of an audience of professionals from the sector, institutional representatives of the audiovisual and academic fields and students from the participating universities. The Audiovisual Pitching will take place on December 2nd and 3rd. Audiovisual Talent Week runs from November 30 to December 3.

The projects ofl Degree in selected Audiovisual Media are:

  • Main 2ªB, by Cel Calafell, Pau Casanovas, Laura López, Elena Luna, Estel·la Pons, Maria Romero, Noelia Serrano
  • Explorer soul, by Alberto Cañamero and Xavier Mora
  • To take x ass panties, by Ona Sánchez and Pol Pastor

The projects ofl Degree in Video Game Design and Production are:

  • Dartford Street, by Víctor Ibáñez, J. Miguel Arranz, Emma Montserrat, Roger Montané, Júlia Camba, and Álvaro Vidal.
  • Cat's Alley, by Marc Mas, Ariel Valera, Ricard Peláez and Ainoa Tabares.
  • The Lightkeeper, by Aitor García Diez, Jan Cano, Albert Loma, Sergi Sánchez Duran, Eric Fradera and Sergi Salas.
  • Balls of Steel, by Samuel Nuez, Victor Rubio, Anaïs Salla, Estefania Taboada, Marçal Tineo and Joel Torrent.


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