This start-up located in the TecnoCampus has just presented at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, together with Panasonic, an innovative device that will make life much easier for people with some type of visual impairment, as they will serve as support for mobility and will grant autonomy.

Biel Glasses are smart glasses that improve the mobility, autonomy and quality of life of visually impaired people. They work by recognizing and pointing out obstacles: changes in height to the ground, street crossings and traffic lights, among others. The device also improves vision by adapting lighting and even being able to zoom; all this making the most of the visual rest of each user through the use of mixed reality. The glasses combine an artificial intelligence system with robotic technology to process the images captured by the lenses, interpret scenarios and generate visual stimuli that the user can interpret despite limited visual capabilities.

This device is useful for pathologies that involve loss of peripheral vision and will allow many users with reduced visibility to move more independently thanks to an Augmented Reality system. They tell the user where the different obstacles are that he doesn't see and can even constitute a threat to his integrity.

For the benefits to be maximum, the product must be adapted by opticians to the specific needs of each user. The Biel Glasses are not called that by chance: the project in which Panasonic is now involved was born from the hand of Biel, a Catalan boy born with visual impairment whose parents, Constanza Lucero and Jaume Puig, worked together to, as they themselves explain, "to create advanced and affordable solutions to adapt the world to their eyes". Now, in the same way that they helped their son, they want to help many other people in a similar situation. 

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