They recognize the trajectory of the students who have begun the University this course with better note in the studies of secondary 

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Getting to the University in the studies you want to study is already a challenge. Doing so, with the best entrance mark among all those taking the chosen university degree, is also a show of talent that the TecnoCampus and Pompeu Fabra University have wanted to recognize today in an institutional event. held at the park's convention center.  

There are a total of sixteen boys and girls who have the best academic record in high school among all those who have started a degree at TecnoCampus in the academic year 2021-2022, which is why they have obtained a discount on the tuition fee. 

These are the students who have received the recognition:  

  • Gerard González Espinar (Management Computer Engineering and Information Systems). 
  • Jordi Armengol Pradas (Industrial and Automatic Electronic Engineering). 
  • Juan Javier Aliseda Rojas (Mechanical Engineering). 
  • Carla Torrent Soler (Industrial Organization Engineering).  
  • Mabel Gómez Alvarez (Degree in Audiovisual Media). 
  • Xènia Robert Feliu (Degree in Video Game Design and Production). 
  • Júlia Ting Castro Sevilla (Double Degree in Management Informatics and Information Systems and Video Game Design and Production). 
  • Carla Cano Bonamusa (Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management). 
  • Nàdia Moragriega Caro (Double Degree in Tourism and Leisure Management and Business Administration and Innovation Management).  
  • Marina Romero Bella (Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities).  
  • Arnau Pujadas Pascual (Degree in Logistics and Maritime Business).  
  • Arnau Güell Rastrojo (Business Administration and Innovation Management, teaching in English).  
  • Alex Padró Soto (Double Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management and Marketing and Digital Communities). 
  • Carla Ferrer Salor (Degree in Nursing).  
  • Marc Armengol Peyroton (double Degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences). 
  • Andrea Herrera González (Degree in Physiotherapy). 

At the award ceremony held today, which some of the scholarship holders were unable to attend, both the TecnoCampus and Pompeu Fabra University highlighted the effort behind the scholarship obtained. David Sancho, Deputy Rector for the Rector of Pompeu Fabra University, pointed out that this type of scholarship is awarded to all the University's centers, as a sign of the excellence that is to be promoted and also recognized in students. new access. 

 The general director of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, pointed out that in 2021 the institution spent around 1,3 million euros on grants and scholarships, to facilitate access to the University to all groups. 


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