They are dedicated to the creation of computer animated cartoons and the consulting of services for energy efficiency.

01BINARY CODE is dedicated to  the creation of computer-animated cartoons exclusive to each medium. The company has worked so far in the development of animation content for digital newspaper information platforms (Avui, Sport, etc.) providing as a differentiation a high level in scriptwriting, voice imitation and final production ( infographic quality). Around this core, they have designed a set of services aimed at the audiovisual sector such as the creaction of content for radio or operation as an advertising agency. The 01 Binary Code team consists of three workers led by Josep Mª Tarragëll Barris, who has one extensive experience in the world of audiovisual communication. The company is located in the IMPEM (c / Herrera 70), until the transfer of the incubator to the new building of the TCM in the Rengle.

Cliensol ENERGY, for its part, offers consulting on services and products for energy efficiency, with the aim of contributing to energy efficiency in companies, homes and public facilities. Using state-of-the-art products to make energy consumption visible and reduce unnecessary consumption with commercial agreements with the best energy-efficient technology products, LED lighting, and photovoltaic modules. The Cliensol Energy team consists of two partners and is led by Tomás García. The company is located provisionally, until the transfer of the incubator to the new building of the TCM in the Rengle, in a room of the building TCM 1.0 in Vallveric.


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