El Tourism Talent Forum is the annual meeting in which several companies approach the classrooms to look for talent among the students of the double degree in Tourism and AdE. This year, attendance has been restored, and four companies have resolved the issues raised by students around job options in the tourism sector. Beatriz Camps (hot girl) and Domingo Valero (Enterprise), have set out what multinational companies are looking for and the diversity of positions and jobs they offer. Alba Roca (Turijobs) outlined the most requested profiles and emphasized the soft skill, those skills that, after all, can differentiate you in a job interview. Finally, Joan Sanmarti (exum) has outlined how a technology start-up can grow in the industry traveltech and the reasons why new technologies are a cornerstone in tourism studies.

Participants agreed that the acceleration in the digitization of many areas related to hospitality, accommodation, travel, ... make those profiles able to combine the passion and knowledge of the tourism sector with a mastery of ICT be highly requested profiles. This vision fits with initiatives such as the creation of the Tourism ICT cluster, on March 28, consisting of 24 companies with a turnover of 253 million euros in the sector traveltech. In the words of the four representatives of the different companies, "the combination of tourism and business makes this profile highly valued by the sector." In fact, the need for qualified talent in the field of tourism was one of the highlights of the day, which highlights the studies in Tourism and AdE that can be taken at the TecnoCampus, and which are key to the transformation of the sector.


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