The climate crisis, the energy crisis, the imminent resource crisis ... the incorporation of circularity and business sustainability strategies will be increasingly essential for those companies that want to become resilient to changes resulting from current production and consumption models. To be able to do this, they will need to incorporate new tools for transformation towards circularity.

During the month of November and this January the Chair of Circular Economics and Sustainability of the Tecnocampus has participated in a cycle of webinars organized by the Agency for the competitiveness of the company, ACCIÓ where the focus of the seminars has fallen in the tools that can incorporate the companies to realize this required transition to the sustainability.

The first webminar, “Circular Economy to drive innovation”, was given by Sònia Llorens, Chair of the Chair, in conjunction with the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation; in the webminar tools have been transferred to achieve circularity through innovation. It can be recovered here.

The second webminar “How to measure and communicate the sustainability of your company” was given by Axel Ehberger and Xavier Subirats, collaborating professors of the Chair, and presented tools for measuring and communicating the sustainability of a company. in a real way, thus avoiding the greenwashing. This seminar was held in conjunction with PwC Spain. It can be recovered here.


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