The company Yasyt Robotics conducts a training session for teachers of clinical simulations on the Degree in Nursing, learning about the different ways of using the devices of the “RobRoom" program.

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During the period 2019/2020, the TecnoCampus and the social robotics company Yasyt Robotics, created with the aim of developing social robotics programs in care and hospital settings to improve the care process and the experience of the user and workers, as well as in the field of health and therapeutic education, established an agreement with the aim of working in coordination to establish collaborations in teaching and research activities.

Under this agreement, two Echo Show 2 devices have been installed® at the TecnoCampus Health Simulation and Innovation Center (CSIS) to do a pilot test.

At the same time, the clinical simulation teaching team of the Nursing Degree has received a training session from Yasyt Robotics on the use of Alexa devices.® which are part of the “RobRoom” project.

This project aims to improve the accompaniment of hospitalized people and facilitate the work of care staff, by installing Alexa devices® (Echo Show8) in hospital unit patient rooms and their respective nursing controls. This allows for virtual assistance with the ability to resolve issues that patients have through voice, ensuring consistent communication between the patient and healthcare professionals. At the same time it offers the patient the chance to communicate with the family.

The incorporation of these devices into the CSIS will allowthe students of the Nursing Degree to test these devices first hand during their learning.

This is one more example of the great utilities and applications that innovation and technology can have in health. They are currently considering starting a research project regarding the implementation of this device as a tool for supporting and analysing health professionals.



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