General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Maddalena Fedele

Trimester: First term

Credits: 4

Teaching staff: 

Angel Valverde Vilabella
Josep Ribas Piedrafita 


Specific skills
  • E10_Apply processes, methods and techniques to develop creativity and innovation in audiovisual production, multimedia development and video game programming

  • E18_Analyze the structures, contents and styles of television and radio programming according to the technical characteristics of their realization. Design, produce and make programs for television and radio in the technical part: production room or radio control, respectively


In this subject you will learn the basic notions for the correct locution, in the service of audiovisual products. Aspects such as pronunciation, breathing, rhythm, punctuation are key.

Great emphasis will be placed on the ability to analyze a text and extract all the dramatic interpretive possibilities to give it credibility and understanding.

All classes have an eminently practical character, where you will have to speak until you reach an appropriate level.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student must be able to:

- Narrate a documentary, speak a commercial video, speak a spot, speak a wedge and know enough technique to dub a sequence of a film or TV series. 

- Apply the knowledge to make an expressive and comprehensive locution, in any of the areas worked

- To be able to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions effectively

- Advise and guide the team of professionals who work together in the world of communication.

- Contribute to the qualitative improvement of the whole audiovisual product

Working methodology

Essentially practical subject that will be divided into 5 main areas: Diction, documentary narration, advertising locution, interpretation and dubbing. 

In group classes in the classroom there will be readings of texts and analysis of expressive needs; pronunciation and punctuation will be key aspects. 

In the classes in the laboratory there will be technical exercises of recording and locution with a variety of records.



- Diction: description of the distinctive features in the standard diction of a language (specifically, Catalan), analysis of examples of the most common errors.

- Documentary narration: analysis of the contents, interpretive registers and expressive forms in the field of audiovisual or radio documentary.

- Advertising locution: study of examples of different interpretive registers, techniques and methodologies for radio, television or internet production.

- Interpretation: introduction to interpretation, with an emphasis on understanding and transmitting content from the first person.

- Introduction to dubbing: introduction to dubbing, with interpretation and technique exercises in the recording studio.


Learning activities

The internships will take place in the audio studio of the Tecnocampus, where there will be various speech exercises always combined with the learning of technologies.

Practice 1: Exercises of technical knowledge of the tools in the recording studio

Practice 2: Locution and recording of texts with emphasis on diction and punctuation

Practice 3: Speech and recording of advertising texts, with a variety of expressive registers.

Practice 4: Speech and recording of documentaries, paying attention to the coherence between message and expressive form.

Practice 5: Dubbing exercises, with expressive variety of characters and forms of intervention

The materials resulting from these exercises, together with the autonomous work, will form part of the individual portfolio of the subject.

Evaluation system

During the course the student must create an individual portfolio of recordings (33% of the final grade) which must contain samples of all the expressive frameworks treated: diction and punctuation, documentary, advertising, dubbing. The portfolio is made up of the internship exercises (P1 to P5) and the autonomous work of the students.

At the end of the course there will be an individual final exam (66% of the final mark, divided into 33% technical competence and 33% competence in locution) in the recording studio, where the competence in locution and also of the technical part.

The note of the subject is established with Note of the individual final exam (Technical competence mark 33% + Competence mark in locution 33%) + Note portfolio quality (33%)

Class attendance of not less than 70% is required. In case of non-compliance, the student will not be able to take the exam, without the possibility of recovery.



Aljibe Editions
ISBN: 978-84-9700-787-0 

Published by Quinto Sol, 2010
ISBN 10: 9706730230 / ISBN 13: 9789706730237