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Renfe is developing a long-term strategy to be implemented throughout the Spanish territory, through a network of antennas specialized in solutions and technology applied to the mobility sector, the transport of passengers and goods, with a strong innovative character , sustainable and clearly digital. Solutions that must ensure a positive social, environmental and economic impact in the territory where each antenna is installed, favoring entrepreneurship and enhancing Local Talent, one of its main axes.

Renfe, Mataró City Council and Tecnocampus collaborate in this initiative to develop railway innovation solutions and projects together with members of the innovative ecosystem, within the tecnocampus facilities with the aim of establishing the first node of the Antena network TrainLab.

3 main axes of action:

  1. Citizenship:
    • Know your travel needs.
    • Improve the customer's mobility experience, based on their needs and suggestions.
  2. Entrepreneurship:
    • Provide technological, innovative and sustainable solutions.
    • Discover the Entrepreneurial Talent of the Ecosystem.
    • Test solutions in the city and the territory.
  3. Innovative ecosystem:
    • To be references in sustainable mobility.
    • Promote open innovation.

Project managers

Carmina Sanchez

Responsible for public-private collaboration

Project team

Claudia Danesi Carreras

Director of Transfer, Innovation and Business

Arnau Cuatrecasas Bergnes De Las Casas

Antenna Manager TrenLab Mataró

Funding sources

In accordance with the agreement signed between the parties on April 25, 2022, RENFE undertakes to make an annual contribution of 350.000 euros to the TecnoCampus Foundation in order to carry out the activities covered by this agreement, the Mataró City Council undertakes to make a contribution of 26.388,37 euros per year for the rental of the space where the project is developed and TecnoCampus will allocate a budget of 50.000 euros per year to the development of the project, in order to cover the expenses not assumed by the other parties.


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