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As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the harmful effect that isolation and loneliness can have on people became evident. Although this extreme situation has passed, a large part of the population still suffers from this isolation and loneliness indefinitely and that, either due to a lack of resources, due to some affectation that provides a physical disability or due to other psychological or social factors , they do not have sufficient tools to reverse this situation.

The sector we are referring to is the elderly population, where a high percentage live alone and have little contact with society, to the point of not leaving the house for long periods of time.
In recent years, important demographic changes have been experienced in the population that have increased the survival of people over 65, this change is due in part to an improvement in life expectancy and also an improvement in the quality of life Although they are advances, this entails a threat in our environment, loneliness, as we have explained in previous lines, loneliness in this period of life is motivated by age-related factors such as physical but also psychological and social conditions .

The group's mission is to combat situations of loneliness, for this reason they work according to three main objectives:

1- Identify volunteers over the age of 65 within the Federation of Older People's Associations of Catalonia (FATEC) and who live in the Maresme region who want to act as community agents/mentors.

2- Design and implement a service learning community intervention based on giving digital, emotional and social support to the elderly.

3- Create a peer-to-peer network in the Maresme region. Older people supporting older people at risk of unwanted loneliness.

Project managers

Esther Cabrera Torres

Director of the Chair of Aging and Quality of Life

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The total amount of the XEI-M project amounts to €21.556,20, of which €1.146,20 is contributed by the Provincial Council of Barcelona and €20.410,20 by the "La Caixa Foundation".


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The Federation of Associations of Senior Citizens of Catalonia (FATEC)

Chair of Aging and Quality of Life

"La Caixa" Foundation

Diputació de Barcelona

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