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This program represents a clear contribution to new business management models, especially in the definition of the business model and its objectives. Also in the way of conceiving production or HR management, finances and the relationship with the environment.

The implementation of the program is due to the growing importance of social economy entities (cooperatives, labor societies, associations, mutuals, foundations, etc.) in the provision of goods and services to the community. So, this influential presence and the differential characteristics of these organizations make them a new and specific reality that manifests itself both in the economic and business plane, as well as in the sphere of research and teaching.

The course provides students with the necessary skills to create and develop strategies that, in accordance with the principles of the social economy, empower organizations by strengthening their social base and relational capital based on the integration of financial resources own and external This will serve to make entities more efficient in the use of their financial resources while giving solidity to the future viability of the project.

On the other hand, as a novelty that complements the Postgraduate course, it has been decided to bet on the launch of a specialization course that aims to influence an aspect that is often forgotten; the financing Therefore, the course delves into own financing as a lever for solid and independent growth, so that the entity has the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that the context offers to the sector.

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Ismael Hernández

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The total budget of the project amounts to 61116,80 the whole of the Project is subsidized by the Generalitat de Catalunya through the grant request for "transversal projects to support cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy, for the promotion, the funding and the promotion of social solidarity economy projects, in the 2022 financial year.


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Collaborating entities:
 - Tusgsal
 - Box of Engineers.
 - Fact Cooperative.
 - Mataró Cooperators Union Foundation.
 - Social Economy Companies and Cooperatives.
 - Ateneo Cooperative del Maresme.
 - FIARE ethical banking.

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