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Older people experience life changes such as retirement, loss of a partner, friends or family, and physical and mental disabilities. Problems that are exacerbated by the fact that this group of population is more fragile or pre-fragile in the field of health.

These life changes affect, on the one hand, the difficulty of maintaining ties with the social network and on the other hand, the lack of adequate social support for the elderly, two important factors related to loneliness.

Several previous studies find that interventions aimed at reducing loneliness use a variety of therapeutic strategies (eg, improving social skills, improving social support, increasing opportunities for social interaction, and addressing maladaptive social cognition) and that all of which could reduce loneliness.

It is for this reason that this project seeks to achieve the objective of knowing the factors that predispose and trigger loneliness in elderly people in the Maresme region, establish risk maps (predictive model) and design and implement a preventive intervention in the community area.

The objectives are achieved through 2 phases:

PHASE 1: Diagnosis of factors related to loneliness: in this phase the state of the situation of loneliness of the elderly will be carried out, also in this phase the existing resources in the community available to the elderly will be identified (homes, voluntary services, associations, . .)

PHASE 2: Design and implementation of a preventive community intervention: this phase consists of a training intervention, 4-hour training workshops will be held for the volunteers. The aim is to train these elderly people to be able to identify the factors associated with unwanted loneliness (identified in phase 1 of the study). The training will be aimed at improving your digital skills, emotion management, assertive communication.

Project managers

Dr. Esther Cabrera Torres

Director of the Chair of Aging and Quality of Life

Project team

Dr. Meritxell Puyané


Carolina Gallardo Gilabert

Chair technique

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The project "Study on loneliness in the elderly in the Maresme region" is financed by the Obra de Maria Social Foundation, which contributes €15.000




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The Federation of Older People's Associations of Catalonia (FATEC) collaborates in the project

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