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The general objectives proposed by the project:

  • To provide economic capacity to the Social and Solidarity Economy movement to multiply its impact through the creation, conversion or scalability of socio-business projects.
  • Promote horizontal integration processes that expand the scale of impact of projects in the territory.
  • Push towards the cooperativeization of socially useful and/or strategic economic activities for the territory and the people who live there.
  • Redistribution of the economic resources that are generated or have been generated in the territory towards business initiatives that deepen the previously mentioned objectives.
  • Contribute to economic reactivation as a tool to generate wealth and redistribution, the creation and/or consolidation of stable and quality employment, greater resilience of the territory and the strengthening of the Social Market.
  • Favor a rooting process (territorial economic and labor, promoting a transformative plural economy.
  • Make visible from practice the need and potential of socio-business models that are respectful of the environment in which they develop and regenerators of these: both at an ecological level as well as at a socio-economic, cultural or social level.

The following are proposed as specific objectives:

  • Conversion of commercial companies into companies with local and social impact.
  • The recovery of companies at risk of closure or transfer.
  • Support for scalability and consolidation processes of existing projects.
  • Creation of a network of social investors, companies with values ​​and local, territorial and autonomous public administrations that support the project's strategy.
  • Walk towards a framework of stable collaboration with the key agents of the territory: Cooperative Universities, unions, employers, local economic promotion and other services, as well as ethical and cooperative financial entities.

Project managers

Dr. Eloi Serrano Robles

Director of the Department of Social Economy

Dr. Ismael Hernández Adell


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The "Social Growth and Investment Fund" project is financed by the Department of Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The application has been submitted to the 2022 call for ARACOOP singular projects with reference number: STC009/22/000198.


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Allies for the Transition of business models towArds Sustainability


Postgraduate in Management of Cooperative and Social Economy Companies and University Specialization Course in Financing for Organizations of the Social and Solidarity Economy