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Creative computing is a term that GRADE deploys to describe an area of ​​research and practice at the intersection of computational technology and media cultures. Current research on the history of creative computing, and its relationships with grassroots practices in Europe, is generally conducted on a national scale.

This national approach derives from a historicized approach in the historical study of the media. Histories of media and technology attend to local issues because of an underlying interest in the institutions, norms, and infrastructural contingencies perceived as central to the formation of the modern

The main objective of this COST Action is to foster a better understanding of the role of grassroots movements related to creative computing across Europe. This will be achieved by building a diverse and multidisciplinary research team, from the initial core group of 16 COST member countries, as well as two international partner countries and one near neighbour.

Thanks to this unprecedented scale and scope of research collaboration, GRADE can offer the first truly pan-European overview of creative computing cultures. As broad as it is deep, it will include historical perspectives from Western and Eastern Europe. The broad involvement of former Soviet countries in the Action is one of GRADE's strengths. It will also help to investigate the last stages of the creation of the European development of computing, which involves the accession to the EU of some of these countries in the east and the south and the resulting challenges related to the integration process ( for example, inequalities in digital skills development and labor movement between countries).

As GRADE aims to highlight unique European contributions to creative computing, it is dedicated to the recognition and accessibility of cultural heritage. A key innovation the Action provides is the construction and curation of an open access directory of all relevant sources and repositories on the subject. This "meta-library" will ensure inclusive and sustainable access to research (e.g. peer-reviewed articles published in national languages), archival resources (e.g. oral history interviews), as well as other historical materials related to the movements grassroots and creative computing cultures in COST member countries. 

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A hard tackle from Víctor Manuel Navarro to Remesal

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The European Commission has granted an amount of €1000 to the project "Grassroots of Digital Europe: from Historic to Contemporary Cultures of Creative Computing" through the call "Cost Action Proposals. Open Call Collection OC-2021-1" with reference number: CA21141.



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