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The goal generatesThe aim of the project is to become a launchpad for digital innovation for different city centers through training and support in the use and application of audiovisual technologies in the classroom. At the same time, the project aims to create a collaboration network between these centers on the axis of teaching digital skills in the media field.

This program is aimed at 8 educational centers in the city of Mataró and will have the participation of more than 100 teachers, in a pioneering initiative to promote innovation and the improvement of digital skills in the educational field. The program consists of an itinerary that includes joint work sessions between participating public and charter schools, personalized sessions at each of the centers and an MRCDD training (Framework of Reference for Teaching Digital Competence) at level B2.2, where the axes thematic and strategic areas that will be developed are communication, languages ​​and media education, as well as critical thinking.

This digital innovation project incorporates an audiovisual kit, which will be provided to each of the 8 participating centers to promote learning based on real situations and provide the center with essential equipment for the implementation of digital communication projects.In this sense, the project is divided into three phases. 

In the first and third phases, works around professional commitment through the creation of a collaboration network between public and private centers in the city. In this sense, the various meetings proposed aim to define transversal platforms for collaboration in the audiovisual field of the proposal, with the creation of a joint digital newspaper that allows work on both empowerment and the development of competition digital in students.

On the other hand, the phase 2, it focuses on intervention in each of the centers to support their digital transformation. On the one hand, with the realization of five face-to-face interventions that allow to strengthen the professional commitment as well as help equip spaces in the center. These five face-to-face interventions per center are accompanied by training at the B2.2 level that allows working on digital content both from the point of view of research, creation and dissemination, and from the perspective of application to the classroom through various teaching and learning strategies. 


Project managers

Luz Fernandez del Rey

Head of Permanent Training

Project team

Mercè Fernández Soley

Permanent Training Technique

Dr. Alex Araujo Batlle

Academic coordinator

Carlos Garcia Lopez

Technician of the Quality, Innovation and Learning Service

Funding sources

The Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya contributes €134.805 to the "EDUX Digital Innovation Mataró" project presented in the call "Digital boost to education within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (Next Generation Fund, EU) . L2. Digital Innovation Launcher" with reference number: EDU128/23/000131.



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In collaboration with 8 educational centers in the territory:

Alexandre Satorras Institute

Five Sénies Institute

Pia Mataró School

GEM Private Foundation

INS Laia Arquera

INS Josep Puig i Cadafalch

Miquel Biada Institute

Thos and Codina Institute

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Maresme peer-to-peer network


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