General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Lluís Albesa Albiol

Trimester: Third term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Manuel Gomis Bataller

Teaching languages

  • Spanish
  • Catalan

Aquesta assignatura s'imparteix en Català i Castellà.


Basic skills
  • To be able to transmit information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialized and non-specialized audiences

Specific skills
  • Select the appropriate sports material and equipment for each type of activity and population and in safe conditions

General competencies
  • Acquire basic scientific training applied to physical activity and sport in its different manifestations

  • Produce written and audiovisual texts related to the Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport

Transversal competences
  • Incorporate habits of excellence and quality for professional practice


The subject of sports activities on the beach (ADP) is approached from an experiential perspective, which aims to promote student participation in a set of sports activities: volleyball, handball, rugby and beach soccer, the which are considered regulated sports with a competitive calendar in Catalonia. Beach sports are considered a direct influence on the socialization and cohesion of students, as well as knowing the very essence of performing regulated sports on the beach. In the set of practical classes and learning workshops they will make the students obtain a great competitive knowledge of these sports.

This subject has methodological and digital resources to make possible its continuity in non-contact mode in the case of being necessary for reasons related to the Covid-19. In this way, the achievement of the same knowledge and skills that are specified in this teaching plan will be ensured.

In addition, the social and environmental relevance of the gender perspective will be emphasized, through the course syllabus, as well as through information search activities and critical debates.


Item 1. Beach safety regulations.

Topic 2. Beach soccer.
2.1. Technical and tactical skills.
2.2. Group work, evaluation.
2.3. Tournament and competition.

Topic 3. Beach handball.
3.1. Technical and tactical skills.
3.2. Group work, evaluation.
3.3. Tournament and competition.

Topic 4. Beach rugby.
4.1. Technical and tactical skills.
4.2. Group work, evaluation.
4.4 Tournament and competition

Topic 5. Beach volleyball.
5.1. Technical and tactical skills.
5.2. Group work, evaluation.
5.3. Tournament and competition.

Evaluation system

Qualification system (Royal Decree 1125/2003, of 5 September) that establishes the European system of credits and the system of qualifications to the university degrees of official character and validity in all the state territory:

0 - 4,9: Suspended

5,0 - 6,9: Approved

7,0 - 8,9: Notable

9,0 - 10: Excellent

To pass the subject it will be necessary that the average mark of the different compulsory tests gives at least a 5 out of 10. Theclass attendance is mandatory and will be part of the ongoing evaluation.

The assessment at the end of the course will be obtained through a continuous assessment throughout the term valued at 100% divided into (attendance 30%, position of the team in each of the leagues 10%, organizational tasks of the course 25%, organized sessions 35%).




Evaluation activity






In the case of not reaching 5 out of 10, a job must be done to qualify for the recovery of the subject.

Evaluation activity in recovery period








In accordance with current regulations, you can only opt for recovery, if the subject has been suspended. If the grade is Not Presented, you will not be eligible for recovery.

The total or partial copy in any of the learning activities will mean a "Not Presented" in the subject, without option to present in the proof of recovery and without prejudice of the opening of a file for this reason.




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