General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Jorge Oter Gonzalez

Trimester: Third term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Francisco José Pinel Cabello

Teaching languages

  • English


Specific skills
  • E10_Apply processes, methods and techniques to develop creativity and innovation in audiovisual production, multimedia development and video game programming

  • E15_Size and manage human, technical and economic resources necessary for the development of an audiovisual or multimedia project optimizing time, costs and quality

Transversal competences
  • T1_That students know a third language, which will be preferably English, with an adequate level of oral and written form, in accordance with the needs of the graduates of each degree

  • T2_That students have the ability to work as members of an interdisciplinary team either as one more member, or performing management tasks in order to contribute to developing projects with pragmatism and a sense of responsibility, making commitments taking into account the available resources


The International Creative Project subject is based on an intensive program where Tecnocampus students work on a multidisciplinary audiovisual project with the help of a mixed team of teachers and mentors made up of Tecnocampus teachers and teachers from the Technische Hochschule Brandenburg University (THB ).

During this project the Tecnocampus students will have to coordinate with a team of international students. With the aim of developing this audiovisual product. The students will work on the different skills of a project of these characteristics such as: the techniques of brainstorming, the multimedia conception of products that reflect on the cultural and characteristic aspects of the countries involved, the selection and use of the necessary technologies, the management of the project and the correct planning of the work flow, the search for audiovisual material on the field, the production and editing of "raw" material, the post production and the final documentation of the product.


Project ideation techniques
Conception of multimedia projects
Technological feasibility analysis
Project management
Production of raw material
Organization of collective data, distribution, editing and versioning
Post-production, documentation and presentation of an audiovisual product

Evaluation system

The evaluation of the subject is based on a tutored and continuous monitoring of the realization of the audiovisual/multimedia project of the multidisciplinary teams made up of the students of TecnoCampus and the THB. This assessment is divided into three parts.

Activity 1 - Conceptualization and planning of the project (15%)

In the phase prior to the stay in Brandenburg, the teams will have to carry out the process of ideation, search for references and approach to the pre-production of the project proposal.

This part of the evaluation also involves the formation of the work team and the distribution of roles appropriate to each of the profiles involved. As an element to be evaluated, a pro-production report of the proposal will be delivered with the production documents, script and a visual treatment of the same.

Activity 2 - Workflow design and content production (30%)

In the middle of the process, after the stay in Brandenburg, the students will make a presentation of the developed content, as well as an extension of the project report by adding the production part of the content.

Activity 3 - Final delivery. Presentation and defense of the final product (55%)

In the last activity, the work teams will present the final result of the projects, including the post-production phase and their completion. The final presentation must include an explanation of all phases of the project. Together with the delivery of the result, the final production report of the piece will also be added, including at this point all the previous development, plus the post-production part, the finishes and the corresponding conclusions of the project.

Final grade = A1 x 0.15 + A2 x 0.3 + A3 x 0.55