General information

Subject type: Basic

Coordinator: Ana Beatriz Pérez Zapata

Trimester: Second term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Joan Fabregas Peinado
Cristina Steegmann Pascual 

Teaching languages

  • Catalan


Basic skills
  • B1_That students have demonstrated knowledge and understanding in a field of study that is based on general secondary education, and is accustomed to finding at a level that, although with the support of advanced textbooks, also include some aspects that involve knowledge from the forefront of your field of study


  • B3_Students have the ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their area of ​​study), to make judgments that include reflection on relevant social, scientific or ethical issues


  • B4_That students can convey information, ideas, problems and solutions to both specialized and non-specialized audiences


Specific skills
  • EFB1_Ability to solve mathematical problems that may arise in engineering. Ability to apply knowledge about: linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, numerical methods, numerical algorithms, statistics and optimization


Transversal competences
  • T1_That students know a third language, which will be preferably English, with an adequate level of oral and written form, according to the needs of the graduates in each degree



The subject enables the student to understand and / or solve mathematical problems, which may arise in engineering, related to linear algebra.




Topic 1. Sets and applications

1.1. Sets and their operations

1.2. Cartesian product of sets, correspondences and applications

Topic 2. Vectors and matrices

2.1. Vectors and systems of linear equations

2.2. Array operations

2.3. Vector spaces and bases

Topic 3. Linear applications

3.1. Linear applications and associated matrices

3.2. Base changes in a linear application

Topic 4. Plane and space geometry

4.1. Equations of lines and planes

4.2. Relative positions of lines and planes

4.3. Related transformations

Evaluation system

75% Individual tests, recoverable by subject in case of failing the subject (a minimum grade of 4/10 must be obtained in this activity in order to pass the subject).

20% Presentation of group exercises (non-refundable)

5% active participation (recoverable through individual tests)




Lay, David C; Murrieta Murrieta, Jesús Elmer (2007). Linear algebra and its applications. 3ª ed. Pearson Education

Holt, Jeffrey (2013). Linear Algebra with Applications. Freeman


Castellet, M .; Llerena, I. (1988): Linear algebra and geometry. Bellaterra: Publications of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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