General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Monica Juliana Oviedo León

Trimester: Third term

Credits: 4

Teaching staff: 

Jordi Oller Nogués

Teaching languages

  • Spanish

The subject will be taught in Spanish with the intensive use of readings, videos, and other materials in English, so that the proportion of languages ​​would be as follows:
Spanish 50%
English 50%
Students will be able to use Catalan in their exhibitions and works presented.


Basic skills
  • B2. That students know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional way and possess the skills that are usually demonstrated through the elaboration and defense of arguments and the resolution of problems within their area of ​​study. .

Specific skills
  • E4. Analyze and evaluate strategies for developing, launching and positioning new products, as well as making decisions regarding the variable of the product, price, distribution and communication.

  • E6. Synthesize and evaluate marketing strategies for the internationalization of business activity.

  • E8. Synthesize ideas to make them feasible and profitable business understanding the current market.

  • E13. Identify the basic tools of e-Marketing.


  • E14. Apply the knowledge acquired to the management of digital communities.

General competencies
  • G1. Be able to work in a team, actively participate in tasks and negotiate in the face of dissenting opinions until reaching consensus positions, thus acquiring the ability to learn together with other team members and create new knowledge.

Transversal competences
  • T4. Master computer tools and their main applications for ordinary academic and professional activity.

  • T5. Develop tasks applying the knowledge acquired with flexibility and creativity and adapting them to new contexts and situations.


Advertising and Promotion using marketing strategies that combine social, local and mobile: SoLoMo, is a practical subject dedicated to the development of SoLoMo type apps that integrate all the possibilities offered by the growing use of linked mobile devices to all the activities of the life, the use of the geolocation and its advantage in the marketing strategies and the recognized paper of the social networks and their influence in the decision making of the consumer. 
SoLoMo is to apply local, social and mobile to Advertising and Promotion strategies.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyze business competition and identify markets and customers by understanding consumer behavior and using the technological tools of Marketing
  • Recognize the growing role of social consumption in consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Identify the main technologies and applications that facilitate geolocation and its interaction with social networks in the buying process.
  • Identify the bases for developing entrepreneurial projects based on SoLoMo Marketing Strategies.

Working methodology

The subject is part-time and eminently practical based on the individual search for success stories and a course project. 
During the development of the subject the following teaching activities will be applied:

  • MD1. Master class
  • MD3. Presentations
  • MD5. Seminars
  • MD7. Case studies
  • MD10 Research and reading of articles
  • MD11. Non-contact tutorials

This subject has methodological and digital resources to make possible its continuity in non-contact mode in the case of being necessary for reasons related to the Covid-19. In this way, the achievement of the same knowledge and skills that are specified in this teaching plan will be ensured.

The Tecnocampus will make available to teachers and students the digital tools needed to carry out the course, as well as guides and recommendations that facilitate adaptation to the non-contact mode.


Topic 1

What is SOLOMO?

New trends in SOLOMO Marketing Strategies

Topic 2

Social Networks and New Consumer Behavior

The role of social media in the new consumer purchasing decision model

Topic 3

Geolocation and its application to Marketing

The importance of geolocation and its application in the world of local business

Topic 4.

The application of SOLOMO Marketing strategies to the multi-screen consumer.

Marketing Strategies on Mobile Devices

Topic 5.

The application of SOLOMO strategies to the tourism and leisure management sector

Learning activities

  • AF1. Theoretical sessions
  • AF2. Seminars
  • AF3. Work in group
  • AF4. Individual work
  • AF5. Personal study
  • AF7. Face-to-face tutorials

Evaluation system

Continuous Assessment:

  • 50% Individual research work + Individual participation in debates and content curation
  • 50% Course Project of the subject. Group project and exhibition. 
  • Project and individual work validation exam


  • 50% Participation in content curation and online debates + Individual research work
  • 50% Course Project of the subject. Individual project and exhibition.
  • Project and individual work validation exam



RU #Solomo Ready ?: Consumers and Brands in the Digital Era. Papakonstantinidis, Stavros & Poulis, Athanasios & Theodoridis, Prokopis. 2016.