General information

Subject type: Basic

Coordinator: Joan Triadó Aymerich

Trimester: Third term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Joan Triadó Aymerich

Teaching languages

  • Catalan
  • Spanish
  • English


Specific skills
  • CE6: Understand the concept of company, institutional and legal framework of the company. Organization and management of companies.


This subject corresponding to the subject COMPANY of the degree and located in the first year aims to train the future engineer in the current reality of the operation of a technological company, so that you end up having a clear idea of ​​the functional subsystems of the Industry, their processes and their management.



BLOCK 1: Economy

Introduction to economics. Microeconomics: demand and the consumer. Preference curves, budget constraint and consumer equilibrium. Microeconomics: supply and markets. Efficiency, exchange and competitive advantage. Information and speculation. Macroeconomics: GDP and economic growth, inflation and unemployment. The role of government in the economy.


BLOCK 2: Company 

Definition of company. organization Type of organization. The ownership and governance of the company. Business environment Economic analysis of the company. Company management. Strategic direction. Design of the organization. value chain Innovation Management. Economy of knowledge. Industry 4.0. Company management systems.


BLOCK 3: Functional subsystems of the company

Production subsystem. Production and services. supply stocks Logistics Administration and human resources subsystem. organization administration development Subsystem of strategic direction. Value proposition and business model. Commercial and marketing subsystem. M. Strategic. M. Operative. M. Digital.


BLOCK 4: Accounting and finance

Introduction and basic concepts. The company's financial statements. Financial management. Investment and financing. Leverage and profitability. Management control, costs and dashboard. indicators Economic and financial analysis of the company. Economic-financial plan.

Evaluation system

There will be a final exam, practices and assignments.

  • Practice 20%. (teams).
  • Deliverable e-campus activities 20% (equipment).
  • Final exam  60% of value (individual).



The management of staff in the company. John W. Hunt

Fundamentals of marketing. Philip Kotler

Fundamentals of business management. Maria Iborra, et.a.

Understand accounting and finance. Oriol Amat


Integral control panel. Michale Hammer

Strategy: from vision to action. Julian Carrión

Integral control panel. Michale Hammer