General information

Subject type: Basic

Coordinator: Joan Triadó Aymerich

Trimester: Second term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Joan Fabregas Peinado

Teaching languages

  • Catalan


Specific skills
  • CE2: Understanding and mastery of the basic concepts of the general laws of mechanics, thermodynamics, fields and waves and electromagnetism and their application in solving problems specific to engineering.


The Physics II subject belongs to the basic Physics subject of industrial engineering degrees. The various topics discussed in the subject are designed to train students to learn new theories and methods that they will need in later subjects of the degree. It enables them to solve problems with initiative, to communicate and transmit knowledge and to carry out measurements and calculations.


  1. Electrostatics
    1. Electric field
    2. Electrical potential and conductors
    3. Capacitors and dielectrics
  2. Electrokinetics and magnetostatic
    1. Ohm's law
    2. Semiconductors
    3. Magnetic force
    4. Magnetic field and magnetic materials
  3. Electromagnetism
    1. Induction
    2. Maxwell's equations
    3. Electromagnetic waves
  4. AC and transient circuits
    1. Circuits with generator and a component
    2. phasors
    3. Phasor analysis of circuits
    4. Complex power
    5. Transient circuit regime

Evaluation system

60% Individual assessment tests, recoverable by subject in case of failing the subject (a minimum grade of 4/10 must be obtained in this activity in order to pass the subject).

20% Practical activities (non-refundable).

15% Presentation of group exercises (non-refundable).

  5% Active participation (recoverable through the Individual Tests activity).



Serway, Jewet. Physics for science and engineering. 6th edition. Thomson.

Tipler; Moscow. Physics for Science and Technology. 2010. Volume 2, 6th edition. Reverted.