General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Joan Triadó Aymerich

Trimester: First term

Credits: 4

Teaching staff: 

Màrian Buil Fabregà

Teaching languages

  • Catalan

Catalan, Spanish and English depending on the activities you do


Specific skills
  • CE6: Understand the concept of company, institutional and legal framework of the company. Organization and management of companies.

Transversal competences
  • CT2: That students have the ability to work as members of an interdisciplinary team either as one more member, or performing management tasks in order to contribute to developing projects with pragmatism and a sense of responsibility, assuming commitments taking into account count available resources.


Tecnocampus students who have an idea to create, develop, lead or manage a project can enroll in the Tecnocampus projects with impact itinerary. In this itinerary they will acquire skills and knowledge to design projects with a positive impact that generate a transformation in the economic, social and environmental environment. 


The current economic environment is characterized by constant changes, instabilities and uncertainties to which society, the business fabric and public and governance bodies must respond. These can only do so by generating projects with a positive and sustainable impact that respond to the needs and characteristics of the markets. Innovation, entrepreneurship, the circular economy and the social economy are the transformative elements to face these changes. 


Do you want to complement your degree training and acquire these skills and knowledge to create your own project or innovate in existing organizations? The Department of Business, the Chair of Circular Economy and the Chair of Social Economy of the Tecnocampus have designed 6 activities that you can carry out throughout your degree studies and obtain 6 or 4 optional curricular credits (ECTS). Sign up for the Entrepreneurial Itinerary optional subject. From the 2024-25 academic year, the name of the subject will be Itinerary projects with Tecnocampus impact.

This subject is the internal recognition of the activities carried out by the students that accredit their journey in entrepreneurship, social innovation and/or circular activities.  

The entrepreneurial itinerary consists of 6 compulsory extracurricular activities. Consult the summary infographic.. The 6 activities can be carried out throughout the 4 or 5 courses corresponding to the stage of university education. In other words, it is NOT an optional subject that is taken in a term at a specific time. The proposed activities can be distributed over two, three or four academic years according to the student's work pace. A minimum of two academic years are required to complete the Itinerary.

The activities are divided into three colors: BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW following the content of the subject  

The activities can be organized by Tecnocampus or other recognized entities in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, the social economy and/or the circular economy.





 1. Entrepreneurial and innovative tools to achieve a sustainable impact (economic, social and environmental) acquired through courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, ... in which you have registered and participated. 

2. Sustainable skills (GREEN ACTIVITIES: Sustainable skills + Mentor @ Youth)  

3. Ecosystem with impact (BLUE COLOR ACTIVITIES: Accelerate your Network with sustainable impact and do Networking + Solve a Challenge to generate impact) 

4. Innovative project with impact (YELLOW COLOR ACTIVITIES: Develop a project with impact + infographic of your itinerary with impact)  

5. Conferences and networking in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, the social economy and/or the circular economy

Evaluation system

10% Sustainable skills  

20% Mentor@ to Youth 

10% Speed ​​up your network and network 

20% Solve a Challenge to generate impact

30% Develop a Project with impact

10% Infographic of your itinerary with impact



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