General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Jesus Ezequiel Martínez Marín

Trimester: First term

Credits: 5

Teaching staff: 

Rosana Salama Benazar

Teaching languages

  • Spanish

This subject is taught in virtual formatThe materials can be in Spanish and English.


Specific skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the structure, organization and management of ports -sport and state-of-the-art- where the traffic of people and goods, nautical leisure, fishing and tourism coexist, emphasizing cruises

  • Show knowledge of the ship and its recruitment for use as a means of transport for both goods and people, in an environment of sustainability and respect for the environment


This subject will deal from the point of view of its importance in tourism, the importance of the correct direction and management of marinas,
as the capital not only of tourism but also of the socio-economy of port cities.


 The classroom (physical or virtual) is a safe space, free of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and discriminatory attitudes, either towards students or teachers. We trust that together we can create a safe space where we can make mistakes and learn without having to suffer the prejudices of others.


- Tourist activity, marinas and nautical resorts: Current situation and future prospects
- Structure of the nautical and sports tourism market. Agents in the tourist and nautical-sports environment.
- Planning and management of marinas as a business activity
- Marina management models
- Marketing and its adaptation to marinas and nautical resorts as a product.

Evaluation system

The final mark will be the weighting of the grades of the activities carried out throughout the quarter and the final exam.

To pass the course, the final grade must be greater than or equal to 5 points out of 10.

The presentation of the final exam is a necessary condition to obtain a grade for the course.

A minimum of 5 points is needed in the final exam to be able to average with the continuous assessment. Otherwise, that is, a grade of 4,99 points or less is obtained in the final exam, you will go to the make-up exam.

In the case of students who have obtained more than 5 points in the continuous assessment, but have failed the final exam, that is to say, who have taken less than 4,99 points, they will go to the recovery exam.

In the event of not attending the final exam, the student will receive the grade of "Not presented" and will NOT have the option to present the make-up exam.

Continuous assessment items are non-refundable.

If the student does not attend the make-up exam, he/she will keep the SAME Qualification obtained.

  In the case of attending the Make-up exam The student will obtain the new AGREEMENT qualification according to the following criteria: Make-up exam: 50% Continuous assessment: 50%

For the elements of continuous assessment, the grades obtained regularly during the course will be maintained

The evaluation will take into account the following aspects with the assessments indicated:
• Virtual assessment practical exercises and mandatory forums total: 40%
• An exam/partial work: 20%
• A final exam, where the students' understanding of the subjects of the subject will be assessed: 40%


The mark of the final exam must be higher than or equal to 5 points out of 10 to be able to average with the rest of the mark.
Only the final exam can be retaken. Students who do not take the final exam will not be entitled to the resit exam.



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 Marinas of the Diputació de Barcelona

Catalan Association of Marinas

Ports of the Generalitat