Video game development studio Dust Games has been selected to participate in the 9th edition of the GameBCN incubation program with the video game Roombattle

This incubator has only incorporated six studies out of the 174 projects that were submitted to the call, and one of them is this study driven by TecnoCampus students.

The video game Roombattle is a party fighting game where players will control robotic vacuum cleaners and fight equipped with sharp objects and balloons. The main objective is to be the last one left with equipped balloons in the game. In addition to the battles, the game contains a large multitude of mini-games.

The studio is made up of TecnoCampus students Carlos Martínez and Arnau Reig, from the double degree in Computer Science and Video Games, and former students Oscar Villalobos and Daniel de Salabert, from the Design and Production of Video Games degree. They also participated in the project, temporarily, Marina Codony and Cora Real (also from Videogames), in addition to other collaborators.

With the entry to GameBCN, Dust Games aims to establish itself as an indie video game studio in Barcelona. Thanks to this program, the studio will be able to travel to Gamescom, one of the world's most relevant fairs in the world of video games.