For twenty-four days, the spaces of the city of Igualada will show photographers from all over the world, photography schools and fans

The Degree in Audiovisual Media at the TecnoCampus, a center attached to the UPF, is presented at the FineArt Igualada photography festival, which takes place from February 23 to March 17, in its twelfth edition. A selection of different student works will be exhibited, this time made between the 2021/22 and 2022/23 academic years.

For the 2024 edition of FineArt, a selection of works from the fourth-year optional subject Documentary Photography is proposed, as well as outstanding End of Degree Projects (TFG), with renewed views from students. In addition, due to their quality, works from the 22/23 course of the subject Photographic Projects, taught by professors Virgínia Espinosa and Eva Parey, second year subject of the degree, are included.

Also included is a series of photographs around the theme of "freedom", taken by Dèlia Raya, in the 2021/22 academic year, in the subject of Documentary Photography, taught by professors Cristòfol Casanovas, who acts as the person in charge of the exhibition, and Maria Luna Rassa. Four end-of-degree theses are presented, with very different photographic themes. Àlex Agüera's TFG suggests a vindictive immersion in the world of graffiti creation; that of Júlia Ginjaume revisits her childhood; and Marc Bonet's TFG pictures the characters in the stories written by himself. The fourth, by Ana María Farrera, presents portraits that reflect the environment and daily life of those who live in a dual situation regarding identity and origin. The subject of Photographic Projects in the second year presents the work of two students: Deima Darry, who wants to illustrate human interactions in the space of the street, and Carol Cadenas, who reflects on mistreatment.

The coordinators of the Degree in Audiovisual Media, Jorge Oter and Santos Martínez, consider that collaborating in initiatives such as FineArt Igualada is a great way to bring students closer to the world of audiovisual and culture, also recognizing their talent and capacity as creators. In this sense, participation in FineArt allows university students to give visibility to their works and TecnoCampus to highlight the quality of studies and the talent of its students, while continuing to strengthen the degree's relationship with the territory. 

For twenty-four days, the spaces of the city of Igualada will show photographers from all over the world, photography schools and fans. Together with the exhibition, cultural activities are organized around photography: talks, round tables, guided tours and workshops for adults and children.