The first edition of this meeting, organized by Valors and the TecnoCampus, will take place next Monday, May 13 at seven in the evening, and will consist of a round table on the challenges of the European Union with Cristina Gallach, Joan Majó and Eduardo Jav

The technology and university park TecnoCampus and the Valors Cultural Association, with the sponsorship of Pous Grup and Aliança Mataró, are promoting the first Mataró-Europe Forum this May. A meeting of debate and reflection on the great challenges of Europe of the present and the future that will have an annual character, always around Europe Day.

The intention of the proposal is to generate a space for permanent thinking about the big issues of the moment, which inevitably pass through the European framework, from the perspective of the cities. To do this, the chosen setting is the facility that links Mataró with the future: its technological and university park, the TecnoCampus, promoted by the city council.

On this first occasion, on Monday, May 13 at 19 p.m. -a few days after Europe Day and a month before the elections to the European Parliament-, a round table will be held in the foyer of the technology park, where the journalist Cristina Gallach, the engineer and ex-politician Joan Majó and the professor of the University of Deusto Eduardo Javier Ruiz Vieytez. The event will be moderated by Carles Parts, TV3 journalist and ex-correspondent in Paris and Brussels.

The debate will revolve around seven issues: the validity of the founding values ​​of the European Union, the crisis of the Rule of Law following the entry into the club of countries with a non-democratic past, the rise of the far right, the evolution towards a more warlike position of the European partners following the Ukraine crisis, the effects that a new enlargement in 2030 may have on the founding values, the realism or hypocrisy of the European migration policy and the role of the Old Continent in the world

The event will also be used to present the May issue of Valors magazine, which has the title Where are you going, Europe?, and in which seven European philosophers and thinkers are interviewed and ten personalities from different fields write about the future challenges of the European Union. 

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