The most symbolic moment took place on Friday, March 8, with a rally called by the Equality Unit

International Women's Day was celebrated at the TecnoCampus with several initiatives promoted both from the university center and from the Business, Innovation and Transfer area, under the umbrella of the Equality Unit.

The most symbolic moment took place on Friday, March 8, with a rally in the TecnoCampus square called by the Equality Unit. Attendees wore a purple T-shirt as a symbol of protest. Also on Friday, a talk was held by Elena Rico, from Ipact Partners Iberica, on the value of investment focused on values ​​such as sustainability. And a day earlier, at the facilities of Antena TrenLab, the project promoted by Renfe, the Mataró City Council and El TecnoCampus, the presentation of the videos of the 'Women and Railway' project was held, in which four workers from the railway sector explain their trajectories and challenges in an area, still, with a strong male presence. 

Other activities that have been organized in the days leading up to 8M have been a castle made up entirely of castle girls by the Passerells gang or a talk about menopause. The Library-CRAI has joined the initiative with the exhibition "Women and Technology" and a collection of books written by authors. There was also a talk on Aikido and an internal training aimed at PAS and PDI on gender violence.

It was also possible to learn about the progress in the introduction of the gender perspective in teaching through the presentation of a work dedicated to the subject that has been promoted by a team of teachers from different departments of the TecnoCampus.