The #SomHackathon is an activity that is part of the entrepreneurial campus of the TecnoCampus

The TecnoCampus hosted the seventh edition of the #SomHackathon on the weekend of February 16 to 18, an initiative promoted jointly by Mataró City Council, the TecnoCampus and the Som Mobilitat cooperative. University, high school and training cycle students from different specialties participated, who for three days developed innovative proposals for the city of Mataró and the region that address the strategic challenges posed by smart tourism.

Specifically, the challenge set out in this edition had the following motto: "Reimagine Smart Tourism." How can we enrich the visitor's experience and at the same time improve the quality of life of the city's residents", which is part of the strategy to promote a quality tourism model for the city of Mataró, based on cultural heritage -natural-social, which is able to balance and maximize the collaboration, benefit and satisfaction of both visitors and residents of the city, in a sustainable context, thinking about the effects of climate change, and adapting to the new tourism habits of the population, also thinking about closer and more widespread tourism throughout the whole year. 

The prize in the category of university or higher education teams, awarded with 2.000 euros to be distributed among the members of the team direct access to the TecnoCampus pre-incubation program, went to the Activytrip project, an application aimed at to transform tourism and local culture in Catalonia, facilitating the connection between tourists and residents through authentic and enriching experiences, with the mission of boosting local tourism, increasing tourist expenditure and encouraging community participation, offering councils an effective tool to promote its cultural attractions and activities.

The team is made up of Bryan Guananga Morales, Cristina de la Iglesia Carles, Joan Jesús Ramírez Pérez, Pol Riba Villegas and Roger Vidal Masó, all of them students from different Tecnocampus degrees. The prize in the middle or high school education cycle team category, endowed with 1.000 euros to be distributed among the team members, went to the group of first year high school students formed by Àlex López Alpáñez, Àlex Terol Ballester, Andreas-Zander Bassas Tiffon, Jana Gallarin Moore, and Oleg Konikevich. The Councilor for Education and Work of the Mataró City Council, Miquel Àngel Vadell, and the academic director of the TecnoCampus, Elisa Sayrol, presented the prizes and diplomas to each of the participants. Vadell highlighted the importance of technological research and its application to society as well as the commitment of the organizing entities to the generation of knowledge and the promotion of the innovative spirit in young people. 

The #SomHackathon is an activity that is part of the TecnoCampus entrepreneurial campus, one of the three pillars of the entity's educational model. That is why during the weekend the teams had the support of a team of twenty mentors, both at academic and professional level, from the three organizing entities and the collaborating companies.