The TecnoCampus offers start-ups in its ecosystem to participate in technological challenges looking for innovative solutions for companies and public entities

through its internationalization support service, opened in 2023 a line of work to promote its companies and startups at international fairs such as, for example, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the Smart City Expo World Congress, the Barcelona Deeptech Summit or Advanced Factories, among others.

In collaboration with the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ!) several B2B events have been organized as part of these major international conferences held in Catalonia. In these meetings, large international or public entities propose their technological challenges and look for technological startups that can solve them. 

In the last year, several companies have participated in the Open Innovation Challenges. One of them, Leviathan Creative Studios is currently in collaboration with the Welsh Government, which was looking for a solution to support the mental health and well-being needs of children and young people in the country and accompany in the transition to adulthood to promote well-being in adults. 

Another example is the one carried out by the startup Into Reality with the Catalan Agency for Cultural Heritage, created in the framework of Integrated Systems Europe 2024. This collaboration has resulted in the project Into Reality ha, focused on the creation of a Virtual Reality Platform. The next appointments will be Open Innovation Challenges that will take place within the framework of the Mobile World Congress and the Food Fair.