The founder of the companies Vertical Robot and Out of the Blue Games inaugurated the Degree in Video Game Design and Production course at TecnoCampus last Thursday.

In the presentation, Delgado explained the evolution of her career within the technology sector, from her work in large companies to being the creative director of her own projects. "It was a difficult experience, I had several stumbles. The first time I tried to create my own video game I ran out of money and it didn't take off. However, I learned many things that would help me in my future projects", he commented.


The audience at the event, undergraduate and double degree students in video games and computer science, had the opportunity to ask several questions. Questions centered on the creative process and development of his latest release, American Arkadia. “Creating a video game doesn't just involve editing; there is a prior process that requires time and money. Only once the story and gameplay are established, then the development of the game can begin," he explained.

According to Delgado, the national and international industry will offer job opportunities in the future, despite pointing out that project financing has become more complicated in recent years.