These are devices that will be used in the training of future engineers.

Last Thursday, February 8, a collaboration agreement was signed between the company DITEL and the TecnoCampus which has allowed the donation of equipment from this company. These are MICRA M and D devices to contribute to the educational development of future engineers. DITEL is dedicated to manufacturing electronic equipment for the measurement of variables in the industrial environment, indicators, instruments, PID controllers, among others, in the field of industrial electronics.

Albert Font Arànega and Rubén Mota Vázquez participated in the event, on behalf of DITEL; on behalf of the TecnoCampus, the director of the Department of Technology, Julián Horrillo Tello; the industrial studies coordinator, Joan Triadó Aymerich; and the teachers who will use these devices in their subjects, Virgínia Espinosa Duró and Josep López Xarbau. This agreement aims to form a solid relationship between companies and the university, one of the strategic objectives of the TecnoCampus


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