Yesterday, Tuesday, September 21, a conference was held in the classrooms of the TCM Dr. Murat Komesli, professor of the Ya? Ar Üniversitesi of Izmir (Izmir, Turkey). The master class, lasting 3 hours, was aimed at students in the subject of Information Systems Management in the third year of Technical Engineering in Management Informatics, although it remained open to the university community in general.
Dr. Komesli introduced students to the real principles, tools and applications of Komesli Geographic Information Systems (GIS) -geographical information systems-, the Semantic Web and the Spatial Semantic Web, an application of the Semantic Web in the field of GIS that has been one of the main research topics of Dr. Komesli in recent years.

The visit of Dr. Komesli is part of the bilateral agreement LLP - Erasmus, which the Polytechnic University School of Mataró (EUPMt) has with Yasar University, a reference university that teaches all teaching in English. This teacher mobility agreement already made possible the visit of Professor Coskun Iscin last year, and new collaborations are expected between the two centers in the future.


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