Recognition for four companies in the park for their track record and potential.

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) has drawn up a list of the 100 best startups of the year 2023 located in its 51 science and technology parks present in 15 Spanish autonomous communities. For its part, the digital newspaper El Referente points out that EHOLO is one of the most promising companies in 2024.

In the APTE list, there appear three startups located in the TecnoCampus Aims Medical, Biel Glasses and Doole Health. The objective pursued by APTE with this information is to recognize the 100 most outstanding startups in the Spanish science and technology parks and highlight the quality and entrepreneurial capacity that develops in these environments, as well as facilitate the knowledge of these companies to potential entities investors interested in high-growth projects. 

These startups will have a special role during the next edition of the Transfiere Forum that will take place in Málaga from March 20 to 22, 2024, as they will receive a special invitation with a networking agenda so they can participate and organize meetings with potential clients and investors. Know the list here.

The Referent highlights Eholo

On the other hand, Eholo, a company located in the Tecnocampus, is one of the most promising Spanish startups of the year 2024 in its initial stages, according to El Referente. Eholo develops a SAAS platform exclusively designed for psychologists and psychology clinics, with the aim of simplifying and optimizing all administrative aspects. With Eholo, psychologists can benefit from a variety of organizational features, billing tools, and materials that will make managing your practice quick and easy.





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