As a result of the survey carried out during the 2022-23 academic year to the entire TecnoCampus student community, the result of a transversal research project between the Departments of Business and Health, the results have been presented at the CICFEM, VI International Congress of Science, Feminism and Masculinities. 

In the VI International Congress of Science, Feminism and Masculinities, held in Valencia from March 1 to 2, 2024, the presentation of the paper "Analysis of the incorporation of the gender perspective in teaching from the vision of the TecnoCampus - UPF student body", by professors Dolors Celma, Patrícia Crespo, Judith Turrión, Marc Terradellas and Enric Camón. 

The results presented are preliminary and provide a first diagnosis of the state in which the incorporation of the gender perspective in teaching is found from the students' point of view, taking into account both the global and departmental data. Some of the conclusions point out that women have a more critical view of teaching from a gender perspective. The students commit to avoid maintaining gender stereotypes in team work. On the other hand, the majority of answers indicate that the teaching staff uses a non-sexist oral and written language, although the oral language without gender bias should be improved. In addition, the students demand that the subjects incorporate more content from a gender perspective in a way that favors critical reflections on this aspect.

Research will continue on the subject, analyzing in detail the results obtained, in order to proceed to generate recommendations and lines of action that allow progress towards equality and non-discrimination in the field of teaching at the University.


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