Last January 18, the TecnoCampus received Francesc Rodríguez, Global IT Manager of Neklar and former student of the center, who shared a valuable perspective on industrial management applications, key systems and data exchange processes. The audience, made up of fourth-year students from the Engineering Degree in Industrial Organization, actively participated in the session.

During the conference, Rodríguez, in his capacity as Neklar's Global IT Manager, guided the students through a detailed review of the most essential management applications in today's industry. In addition to exploring systems such as ERP, he delved into the importance of other systems such as PLM, MES and EDI in the optimization of manufacturing processes. 

Data exchange processes were particularly highlighted, focusing on critical areas such as purchasing, sales and logistics, establishing effective connections with suppliers and customers. Rodríguez shared practical experiences of the implementation of these applications at Neklar, highlighting challenges overcome and lessons learned in the management of industrial information systems. This hands-on approach provided students with a realistic and applied perspective of industrial systems management, from planning to execution in the business environment. 

Neklar is dedicated to the development and production of custom and sustainable stamped metal parts. Headquartered in Terrassa, the company has a presence in Europe, America and Asia. As a leader in the automotive industry, the company specializes in solutions that reduce heat and eliminate electromagnetic interference for quality car manufacturers and brands worldwide. Committed to sustainable development, Neklar generates a positive impact on people's lives through new mobility technologies.

Francesc Rodríguez's visit not only strengthened the students' theoretical knowledge, but also inspired them to embrace technology and innovation in the context of industrial systems management. 


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