Stories of Stitches is a project carried out by the Resistance Narratives Research Group and led by professors Aina Fernández and Maria Soliña Barreiro, which aims to recover the memory of the textile industry of Mataró by creating a interactive and participatory documentary. The project integrates traditional historical industrial and sociological research with new audiovisual technologies and the latest innovations in citizen and participatory research methodologies, with the aim of rescuing and organizing the living memory of the configuration of contemporary Mataró, facilitating the protection of heritage intangible of the city.

Although the project has a global vocation, two specific thematic lines are raised: violence and women in factories and the restructuring of the trade union movement and labor resistance.

The project, which is still underway today, has already achieved certain milestones that highlight the importance of this project: digitize the archive documentation, both from the County Historical Archive and from the archive of the municipal (and now county) television of Mataró and the Maresme; start a collaboration with television (M1TV) in order to elaborate a debate and the broadcast of some of the elements of the interactive documentary by the local public television; establish an alliance with the Department of Social Welfare and the Elderly Service of Mataró City Council, which was already carrying out a similar search for witnesses and life stories and that it has made it possible to collect textile testimonies from more than 20 factories in the city from various periods, with special attention, for a chronological issue, to people who worked during the democratic transition.

The project is funded by the Democratic Memorial of the Generalitat de Catalunya I la Diputació de Barcelona and has the support of theCity of Mataró, and the final result will be an interactive and participatory documentary with more than 50 testimonies recorded in different formats (podcast, video, photography and texts) on a new website with its own logo based on the name, “Històries del Punt”. All this will be completed in the coming months, but today, we can enjoy the teaser of the documentary.


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