It was inaugurated on March 23 ThinkIn 3D Mataró, the accelerator of additive manufacturing technologies aimed at promoting a more competitive and sustainable business fabric. This unique concept was designed to channel the opportunities of additive manufacturing technologies towards real businesses, and it does so by making this space available to SMEs, micro-SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. There are 700 m2 divided into three different environments.

The business activity area has office and meeting spaces that are adapted to the needs of the incubated companies, while the outreach and social activity area is designed to develop exhibition, training and outreach activities. The most distinctive space, however, is the TechLab, the manufacturing laboratory area where the first level equipment for additive manufacturing has already been installed, which includes both machinery for design, as well as for the printing, cutting and cleaning of the prototypes.

During the inauguration ceremony, Josep Lluís Checa, general director of the TecnoCampus, highlighted the fact that "the incubator is an emblematic and unique project that takes advantage of the synergies of being integrated into the innovation ecosystem of the TecnoCampus and which incorporates state-of-the-art machinery to bring 3D printing closer to the reality of the companies in the area".

For his part, the general director of the Fundación Incyde, Javier Collado, wanted to remind that ThinkIn 3D "will strengthen the efficiency of consolidated sectors such as health, automotive, the textile industry and many others with a large presence and tradition in Catalonia". The inauguration also had the participation of David Bote, mayor of Mataró, who highlighted "the push that the city has wanted to give in recent years to projects that promote a new look at business sustainability".

Acceleration programs adapted to each reality
The incubator offers different types of programs, which have different intensities and a specific transformative potential in order to contribute to innovation in operations, production processes and business models, always responding in an individualized way to the challenge that each company intends to achieve . The Entrepreneurial and Technological High Performance Program, with the maximum intensity of transformation, is aimed both at newly created companies that base their business idea on additive manufacturing and at traditional companies that have never used this technology but want to evolve your business model. On the other hand, the technological acceleration program wants to reach SMEs and micro-SMEs consolidated in their respective sector, giving an impetus to the production process. Finally, ThinkIn 3D's technology services cover any business initiative with a specific need or challenge that wants to experience additive manufacturing.

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