On December 14, a new day was held to energize the care ecosystem of the Innocare program. 

Nineteen companies and entities from the territory's care ecosystem attended the day and explored the combination of innovation and care from a triple perspective. Firstly, a visit was made to the CareCityLab, the new intelligent specialization center in the social and health field of Mataró for research and innovation in the care, attention and improvement in the quality of life of the groups with greater vulnerability and fragility. Next, Dr. Daniel López delved into the concepts of care and the role of technological innovations in aging societies as well as the concept of everyday infrastructure to make visible what makes technological innovations 'work' and have an impact . Finally, the participants were able to learn about the main results of the Innocare program, which are the result of the collaboration between all these agents and others who have participated in the previous Innocare co-creation sessions.


Ten companies from the park will accompany the TecnoCampus to the 4YFN


Professor Eloi Serrano is defending a doctoral thesis on social economics