The Innova 360º and the Night with Vision were presented this morning at a press conference at the park facilities TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme, which will be the scene of both events for the first time. The president of the Municipal Institute for Economic Promotion of Mataró and the TecnoCampus Mataró Foundation, Maresme, Alice Romero, presented the two events accompanied by the president of the business federation FAGEM, Rose More, which for the first time participates in the organization of the Night with Vision, which will be held on November 18 and which will deliver an award for business initiative. "La Nit amb Visió is a meeting place for business people and entrepreneurs, and it is also the occasion chosen for the awards for corporate social responsibility awards and the Cre @ tic awards," said Romero.

The Cre @ tic awards have experienced strong growth this year: the number of finalist projects has doubled to 31. Of these, three will be chosen with economic awards and a year of free incubator at the TecnoCampus, to boost economic initiative and attract it to the county. "We have very attractive projects in the Maresme and outside the region," said Alícia Romero, who pointed out that the Innova 360º is a forum with activities related to entrepreneurship and innovation. You can check the schedule here link. It should also be noted that the Innovova 360º will be used to open the park to the public, with various activities on the weekend of 20 and 21 November.


The Creatic Awards are open, an opportunity for the best entrepreneurial initiatives


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